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Take Back Control

Take Back Control, A Surgeon's Guide to Healing Your Spine Without Injections or Surgery


Chronic back pain makes going about your daily business very hard. Turning to your doctor doesn't always help.

Back pain sufferers know better than anyone: our healthcare system is broken. Surgeons, physical therapists, and physicians offer conflicting advice. Surgery is costly and often ineffective. Health insurance severely limits treatment options. Out of desperation, doctors prescribe opioids that cycle patients towards dependence. Meanwhile, Americans lead high-stress, sedentary lives that perpetuate back pain.

The good news is that America is shifting towards prevention and more natural healing methods—and spine surgeon Kamshad Raiszadeh, MD is leading the way. He makes a compelling case that for many back pain sufferers, medically supervised therapeutic exercise is much more effective than current treatments.

In Take Back Control, he provides the tools you need to better understand your back condition and to recover. Based on what’s worked for thousands of patients in his California-based SpineZone medical fitness clinics, he outlines the science-based principles you can use to get stronger without surgery or meds.

You'll learn:

  • Why our fragmented, expensive, and inefficient healthcare system so often fails at treating back pain

  • How to ensure you get the right care at the right time, for effective pain relief

  • Why strengthening is the #1 secret for long-term back health…and the surprising reasons that so many people fail to do it right

  • How even the most debilitated patients can substitute their own body’s endorphins for addictive prescription drugs

  • Insider tips for developing the positive habits and support you need to succeed

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