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Doctor Analyzing X-Rays

In office or online personal consultation - I will review your diagnostic studies, perform exam, and discuss options

Non-operative options

Our SpineZone online, coached rehabilitation service will allow you to treat your condition at your convenience anywhere

Medical-legal services

Years of experience in workman's compensation, expert witness, and personal injury

> Call for in-clinic appointment


> Schedule online consult (do you need surgery?)

Appropriate care, at the appropriate time

Personalized service

Whether it is a physical therapist, PT aide, or surgeon, we strive to provide you with the best personalized service

Staff of trained professionals

Singularly focused on Spinal treatments, our staff has the training and experience required to assess and manage all spinal conditions

Over 20 years of experience

Dr. Raiszadeh brings the perspective of decades of spinal surgery and rehabilitation treatment

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